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Farzad Rashidi

The 22 Best PR Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2020 (List)

Looking for the best public relations blogs to read in 2020?  We created a list of 22 PR blogs your competitors are reading (and you should start reading as well).  Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

How to Write a Press Release: 2020 Guide (+ Templates)

You worked hard creating your new product.  Now, all you have to do is to promote it.  The question is:  Where do you get started?  Enter: press release. In this Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

What is HARO & How Does It Work? Complete Guide for 2020

HARO has been used for many years now by bloggers to get media coverage and increase their backlinks.  In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about it… Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

The 24 Best PR Tools for Public Relations Pros (2020 List)

We created a list of the 24 best PR tools for public relations professionals in 2020.  From writing and distributing press releases to monitoring online brand mentions, you'll find it Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

The 14 BEST Link Building Tools for 2020 (Pricing Included)

Interested in building inbound links for your website? Then you’re going to need a good set of high-quality link building tools. Of course, with so many tools out there, that’s Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

Cold Email Marketing: 6 Tips for Campaigns That Get Read

Cold email marketing is one of the most undervalued marketing activities out there.  Why?  It’s simple: Most people are doing it wrong and thus conclude that it’s not working.  In Read More...

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