89% of marketers find better ROI through influencer marketing than any other channel! But where do you even start?

Respona is the all-in-one influencer marketing platform that enables you to find and connect with millions of micro-influencers in your space and promote your brand.

Let’s be real, how involved are you when it comes to your own influencer outreach?

Expensive influencer marketing agency

Hiring an expensive influencer marketing agency.

Do you have some budget set aside for influencer marketing? That’s great! But save it for compensating the influencers who are actually going to promote your brand, instead of paying for expensive agencies to send emails on your behalf.

  • Insanely expensive

  • Long-term commitment

  • No guaranteed results

  • You’re not really in control

spamming influencers

Spamming to any and all influencers.

Good luck spamming influencers with basic pitches and using the “take what I can get” mentality. You won’t have many quality options of who will be representing your brand since those who do respond are doing it for a quick buck. You need to nourish influencer relationships and find the right fit for your brand!

  • Low quality opportunities
  • Poor response rates
  • Strictly transactional relationships

Here’s how to take control of
your influencer outreach

find influencers
Step 1

Discover the right influencers

Identify relevant influencers that align with your brand and the topics you want to be associated with. Use our real-time search engine to find profiles of all sizes and trending content that will spread awareness for your message.

Step 2

Craft an automated email sequence

Set up an email template with variables to help streamline the way you build your messages. Include automated follow-ups to save your inbox and increase reply rates just in case the first message slips through the cracks.

Step 3

Find direct contact information, on auto-pilot

Increase your touchpoints by getting access to publicly available social media profiles and verified email addresses without having to do it yourself. Respona’s AI does the data mining for you with just a few clicks to set up the automation.

deeply personalize pitches
Step 4

Quickly finalize relatable pitches

Connect deeply with influencers through personalization by putting the finishing touches on your premade template. Start building relationships right away by connecting through social media with customized contact profiles for each person in your influencer marketing campaign.

Respona analytics
Step 5

Leave the heavy lifting to Respona

Manage all your relationships from start to finish with available reports for deliverability, open, response, and bounce rates. You won’t have to worry about reaching out to the same influencer twice with our smart safety checkpoints to help eliminate spam.

1000+ companies have 
switched to Respona

“Respona has helped us automate much of our outreach, especially on link-building. Identifying opportunities, finding the right person to contact and sending the emails that will get responses. It has allowed us to scale our efforts and reduce the work needed for high-quality link-building.”

Nick Malekos
Marketing Manager

“Getting higher search engine rankings, securing interviews on popular podcasts, and developing relationships with decision makers in your industry are all based around developing relationships with influencers. There is no better tool to discover, engage, and automate this entire process than Respona.”

Neal Schaffer
CEO, Speaker, and Author

“Respona has saved my team hundreds of hours on outreach and is my go-to tool for link building. Farzad and his team are fantastic to work with, quick to respond, and really care about their partners.”

Adam Enfroy

“Until Respona, even the best outreach software still required the marketer to perform significant manual work. Respona is the first platform that truly automates outreach, including all of most tedious work. This enables me to save time and focus on the important part: my pitches. Respona is magical.”

Remy Tennant

“Respona has saved me hours per week by reducing the amount of manual work I was doing. This tool has not only reduced the amount of time spent on outreach but also allows us to pull back on subscriptions on other tools. Respona is truly an all in one outreach tool. “

Adam Stewart
Digital Marketing Specialist

“At the moment, we are using Respona for worldwide prospecting. The ability to select websites that have blogs is amazing and filtering by setting a specific DR is also a life saver!”

Ema Fajnorova
Public Relations Associate

“Respona has been awesome at removing the headache out of PR work. You just have to pick the journalists you want and the outreach is taken care of on auto-pilot. It’s a huge time-saver and allows you to focus on the truly important hard work – building the relationship with the journalists.”

Sacha Nasan

“Respona enabled us to easily manage link-building campaigns and to personalize our messages based on specific topics. It was a great resource to help us grow organic traffic. Additionally, we really appreciate the Respona team’s support and guidance. They helped us develop a strategy that led us to success.”

Manana Papiashvili
Head of Growth

“Watch out Pitchbox and Buzzstream! Respona has taken digital PR research, relevance and intelligent outreach to the next level with a little genius. The further I dig into this simple but powerful platform, the more I’m amazed and my team appreciates the extra sleep too. My only regret, we didn’t start sooner.”

Mark Jackson

“Respona makes it easy for us to find the contacts and content we need, personalize outreach and build backlinks without having to outsource. We’ve seen great improvements to our SEO since joining. We even had 5 podcast interviews lined up after our first campaign.”

Cameron Graham

“Our outreach has been on hold for almost a year because of the challenges we had with the other popular platforms. Now that we have Respona, our outreach is back up and running. From HARO to providing accurate contact information, Respona is a powerful all-in-one outreach platform that is also user friendly.”

Brad Gerlach
Partner/VP Operations

“Respona has been a revolutionary time saver for us. It allows us to systemize personalized outreach at scale. Plus, we’re able to connect with the right people and build real relationships. There just aren’t any other outreach platforms on the market that can do what Respona does.”

Eric Carrell

“I’ve never seen anything like Respona before. It enables us to automate much of the link building process and it also gives us much more visibility into which campaigns are performing. It truly is a unique solution and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to those who take SEO and digital PR seriously.”

Anna Kocsis
Head of Marketing

“It achieved the goal and beyond. Respona helped me learn a lot in using it too. Overall I’ve gotten more out of it than I set out to get. I wanted backlinks and our DR to increase, which we got, but I’ve gotten more out of it for sure.”

Jeff Solomon

“Respona’s pushing the envelope when it comes to link building and email outreach. Respona makes link prospecting easier and faster. If you’re an agency building links for clients or if you’re building links for your own business, you need Respona.”

Georgios Chasiotis
Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is influencer marketing and how does it work?

Influencer marketing is the strategy of using prominent individuals in your niche to develop credibility and improve brand awareness. These individuals often have a large and loyal following that takes into consideration the opinion of the influencer. Organizations reach out and partner with relevant content creators to get their message in front of a larger, but targeted audience. To learn exactly how to do it, start with our guide on How to Reach Out to Influencers.

What are the types of influencer marketing?

There are various types of influencers you can reach out to, all with different reaches and different ways of collaborating. Nano-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and celebrities are the main categories you will come across when engaging in influencer marketing. Some will be bloggers, social influencers, or have other roles in content marketing. Here are some ways you can collaborate with your prospects: Guest Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Blog Posts, Sponsored Social Media Content, Host Giveaways, Social Media Takeovers, and Brand Ambassador Programs.

Is Respona an influencer marketing platform or outreach tool?

Both! Respona allows you to find, reach out to, and manage relationships with influencers all under one roof. Respona gives you influencer insights based on the size of their social profiles and the type of content they engage with. Additionally, you can do a search for trending content to see which influencers are currently engaging with topics that are most relevant to your brand. Publicly available social media channels and verified email addresses are all included so you can maximize touchpoints with your prospects.

Can I use Respona with other tools like TapInfluence, Traackr, AspireIQ, Grin, HYPR or Upfluence?

Yes. If you already have a list of influencers from another source, you can import a .CSV file into Respona. After importing your contacts, the campaign creation process is identical to if you were to find influencers with our search engine.

Is influencer marketing different from influencer outreach?

No. Influencer marketing involves influencer outreach to build and maintain the relationships with your brand representatives. Whether you are connecting through social media direct messages or via email, there still needs to be an initial point of contact to clearly discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Can I use Respona myself or do I have to hire someone to do it for me?

Respona is an easy-to-use influencer marketing platform that simplifies the outreach process into four manageable steps. You can set up an automation to find the right contact information for each contact, which is often the bulk of the work. All you need to do is find the right influencers and craft the perfect pitch for your automated email sequence. We offer a complimentary onboarding session to help you get started reaching out to influencers the moment you’re ready to roll.