12X Productivity Increase for a Full-Service Digital Agency

12X Productivity Increase for a Full-Service Digital Agency

Matt Casadona, an associate director at DEPT®, shares how his team uses Respona on a daily basis to 12X their productivity.


Productivity Increase


Clients Exceeded Link Quota


Total Emails Delivered

DEPT® have started using Respona half a year ago. Since its adoption in their tech stack, the team has managed to massively increase their link building productivity, and even exceed link quotas for over a third of their clients.

“Respona has been a huge game-changer for us being able to hit our monthly goals, for streamlining our work, getting things done faster.”

Matt Casadona
Matt Casadona

Associate Director


Before Respona, DEPT® used other tools, but were not satisfied with their user-friendliness and overall campaign results. 

They were also using Google Sheets for tracking all of their prospects manually, for dozens of different clients. 

So, while looking for alternative software solutions, he stumbled upon Respona on Reddit and decided to try it out. 

The team decided to switch to Respona because it brought their entire link building process into a single, user-friendly interface, and streamlined it from prospecting to managing conversations. 

How DEPT® Uses Respona

25 people on Matt’s team are using Respona on a daily basis, mostly for link building and guest posting:

“The content promotion campaigns have been the key campaigns for us. Guest posting, link insertion, and blogger outreach campaigns have been super helpful.“

As a team manager, Matt’s personal favorite feature are the insights Respona provides:

“The insights – definitely great to see. All of the data around our campaigns has been giving us a ton of information on what’s working, and what’s not, are our emails being delivered, etc.”

When we asked Matt what Respona could do better, he responded that his team has encountered some technical questions in the past but they were quickly resolved: 

“A lot of the team was pretty hesitant at first because there were some tech questions. But since those have been answered, everybody is 100% on board that using Respona was the right move.”

Matt also complimented our support team: 

“The support side of things has been a huge plus for us. You guys are listening to our feedback, very quick with answering all of our questions, so we really appreciate the support side of things as well.”

Overall, by using Respona, DEPT® has been able to increase the efficiency of their outreach, and even exceed the link goals for over one third of their clients

“In the past few months we have had 31% of clients exceeding their link goal as opposed to 10-15% over the past couple of years.” 

Before Respona, the team’s approach was very slow and labor-intensive: 

“Within an hour we can get a full-fledged campaign going compared to previously we would just be able to find 10 opportunities and then would have to spend another hour emailing those 10 opportunities, and another hour following up with those opportunities… ”

By bringing link building into a single, unified platform, Respona has helped DEPT® massively increase their productivity:

“So, a batch of 50 opportunities would take us around 12 hours from start to finish, which we can do in just one with Respona.” 

Campaign Results

Let’s take a look at DEPT’s campaign statistics over the course of their Respona usage. 


Email Delivery Rate


Total Emails Delivered


Average Open Rate


Total Emails Opened


Average Response Rate


Total Emails Replied to

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