Having trouble building quality backlinks and increasing your organic traffic?

Respona is the only link building software you need to find outreach prospects and reach out to them, all under one platform.

Link building software

You’re Building Links The Hard Way,
And You Don’t Even Know It.


You Use Multiple Expensive Software

Use expensive, legacy link building software to send unpersonalized emails hurts your email domain reputation, while using chrome extensions force you to do all the research yourself!

  • Spamming ruins your email deliverability
  • Extremely expensive and hard to scale
  • Low quality of data
The wrong way of doing outreach - using multiple different expensive software

You Spend Too Much on Manual Labor

Manual link building outreach using multiple different link building tools (contact finder, email automation, spreadsheets) which is unproductive and not scalable.

  • Waste of precious time & money
  • Extremely difficult to scale
  • Hassle of keeping track of conversations
Wrong way of doing outreach - using manual outreach

Here’s How It works

Step 1

Find the right opportunities using Respona’s engine

We partner with the highest quality data providers in the world to enable you to find the best link building opportunities (latest blog articles, news posts, podcast opportunities, and a database of over 400M influencers and professionals).

screenshot of Respona step one (adding opportunities)
Step 2

Create an automated email sequence

Create the general structure of your perfect link building email pitch using various variables and automate all follow-up emails. Auto-reply detection? Bounce detection? Email analysis? All included.

Respona screenshot - Step two (create a sequence)
Step 3

Find direct, verified email addresses

Ditch the email guesswork from your link building process, and stop emailing the general company mailboxes! Let Respona’s AI do the data mining for you and find and verify direct email addresses on auto-pilot.

Respona screenshot - Step three (finding contact information)
Step 4

Deeply personalize each pitch, in seconds

Getting low response rates to your “Hi {first name}, I’m a big fan of {name of blog}” link building emails? Let Respona’s AI assistant study your contacts and suggest snippets to include in your emails while connecting with them on other channels to keep your outreach human.

Respona screenshot - Step four (personalizing email pitches)
Step 5

Let Respona do its little magic

Track of all of your link building conversations, right inside Respona. Smart safety checkpoints have also been put in place to make sure you’re not reaching out to the same people twice.

Respona screenshot - step five (analyzing campaign performance)