Struggling to get consistent press exposure without hiring a PR firm?

Respona is the all-in-one PR software that enables brands to connect with relevant journalists and bloggers, in a matter of minutes.

PR software

Really, is this is the best way
to get press exposure for your company?


Hiring an expensive PR firm

Who wants to sign a long term retainer contract (normally over 6 months) with an expensive PR firm with no guarantee of results? Respona users are getting press on major publications with a fraction of the cost.

  • Extremely expensive 
  • No guarantee of results
  • Slow turnaround time
PR Agency

Purchasing media databases and spamming journalists

Sending unsolicited, mass PR pitches not only doesn’t yield any results but it also negatively affects your email domain reputation and increases your chances of your emails ending up in spam.

  • Waste of valuable time and money 
  • Not enough info to personalize pitches
  • Inconsistent results
PR Database

Here’s How It works

Step 1

Find relevant journalists using Respona’s search engine

Search through the latest news articles relevant to your space to find the right journalists from small to large publications all around the world. Respona also keeps an eye out for any new PR opportunities (HARO, new articles, etc) to make sure that not a single one is missed.

screenshot of Respona step one (adding opportunities)
Step 2

Create an email drip sequence

Didn’t receive a reply to your PR pitch? No problem! Respona automatically follows up with journalists in case your emails slip through the cracks. Email analysis? Bounce detection? Auto-reply detection? All included.

Respona screenshot - Step two (create a sequence)
Step 3

Find direct, verified email addresses

Let’s be honest, finding journalists’ right email address is no easy task. Ditch the email guesswork from your PR outreach and stop contacting the general mailboxes! Let Respona find and verify journalists’ best email addresses.

Respona screenshot - Step three (finding contact information)
Step 4

Deeply personalize your pitches, in seconds

Journalists are getting bombarded with mass-sent PR emails every day, what makes yours different? Stand out from their inbox by deeply personalizing each pitch using Respona’s AI assistant and connect with them on other social channels.

Respona screenshot - Step four (personalizing email pitches)
Step 5

Let Respona do its little magic

Keep track of all of your PR conversations with journalists, measure the performance of your campaigns (opens, replies, and clicks), and create simple reports, all in Respona.

Respona screenshot - step five (analyzing campaign performance)