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Farzad Rashidi

PR Outreach: How to Do it Right (+ Templates, Tips & Tools)

There is no doubt that PR outreach can help your business grow.  The only problem?  That most people are doing it wrong.  And, with 57% of top-tier publishers receiving between Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

7 Things to Add in Your Brand Pitch Email Template (2020)

So, you’re a blogger or influencer and you want to start monetizing your audience.  The question is: Where do you get started?  You should start by creating a solid brand Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

How to Write a Media Pitch That Gets Read in 6 Simple Steps

Writing a successful media pitch isn’t easy.  With 57% of top-tier publishers receiving between 50 and 500 pitches per week, it’s in fact all too easy for your email pitch Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

What is Digital PR? (& How It Can Help You Grow)

What is digital PR?  This is a question many business owners have.  Digital PR can help you improve your rankings, increase your online visibility and grow as a business.  The Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

8 Ways to Get your Blog Noticed and Boost Traffic

Wondering how you can get more views and traffic for your blog?  Most bloggers will tell you that getting your blog noticed is all about publishing great content.  However, the Read More...

Farzad Rashidi

What is Outreach Marketing? (With Examples)

Wondering what outreach marketing is and how to use it to grow your business?  Let’s just say that it’s a great way to...  Build relationships with top journalists in your Read More...

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