45 Monthly Backlinks for a Small SEO Agency

45 Monthly Backlinks for a Small SEO Agency

Dylan Thebault, the SEO Executive at Digital Funnel, shares how he uses Respona to build links and secure guest posts for his local clients.


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Digital Funnel is a small team, with only one or two people using Respona on a regular basis. Despite the size, the team was able to establish a process for generating 45 monthly backlinks and guest posts for their clients.

“The quality of the links that we’re getting is much better than before.”

Dylan Thebault
Dylan Thebault

SEO Executive at Digital Funnel


Before Respona, Digital Funnel were using Pitchbox.

Unsatisfied with Pitchbox’s rigid pricing model, Dylan started research for alternatives and came across Respona.

Once he tried it out, he was blown away by how user-friendly and easy-to-use Respona was compared to Pitchbox.

The choice to switch was easy.

How Digital Funnel Uses Respona

Digital Funnel is a nimble agency, with only two people using Respona regularly, predominantly at the beginning of each month.

One of the main ways in which they use Respona is to secure highly targeted guest posting opportunities as well as quality backlinks for their clients.

“The quality of the links that we’re getting is much better than Pitchbox.”

Another feature Dylan pointed out are our built-in email templates:

“Another thing I like is the different templates you have for outreaching – for different link building strategies, digital PR, and so on. Those were a great addition to the platform.”

But his favorite feature of Respona was its ease of use:

“I’ve been link building for a year and a half, so I had an idea of how to do it, but if you’re new to it, I can imagine how easy it is to start and learn how to outreach with Respona.”

He also complimented our support team, even though they only had to reach out for help a few times in a year. 

“Oh, support is great! We only had to reach out three or four times since we joined, and you replied within an hour or two.”

Overall, Dylan’s expectations of Respona were met and he is happy to see the tool continuously grow and add new features.

“It’s not the same platform that we were using 12 months ago. It’s changed, improved – I’m really happy with that side of things.”

Campaign Results

Now, on to some concrete statistics.


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