The 22 Best PR Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2024 (List)

The 22 Best PR Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2024 (List)

Farzad Rashidi

Farzad Rashidi

Lead Innovator at Respona

The 22 Best PR Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2024 (List)

Looking for the best public relations blogs to read in 2024?

We created a list of 22 PR blogs your competitors are reading (and you should start reading as well).

Here are some of the blogs you’ll find inside:

  • PR Couture
  • PR Daily
  • Spin Sucks
  • PR News

Read on to find the rest.

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Link building cheat sheet

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Blog #1: Respona

The first PR blog we have for you is of course Respona’s blog, a resource for PR practitioners and people who want to learn how to get more out of their outreach efforts.

Respona Blog

What makes Respona different from the other blogs in this list is the fact that we publish in-depth guides on how to perform PR outreach yourself.

We also cover a variety of topics related to public relations as well as give you the tools you need to perform tasks that are related to PR.

You won’t find industry news here.

You’ll only find process-oriented guides that will help you level up your PR and outreach skills.

Our blog is fairly new, so be sure to stay tuned for fresh content around PR, link building, and content promotion.

Founded: 2019

Focus: How to guides/ PR Tactics/ Advanced outreach methodologies

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): N/A


Blog #2: PR Week

PR Week is another one of our favorite pr blogs.

PR Week Home Page
Image Source: PR Week

PR Week provides timely, authoritative, insightful content to help PR professionals navigate the current landscape.

They make it easy to keep up with current events by placing the trending stories at the top of the website.

They cover several regions such as the US, UK, Asia, and the Middle East so you can easily find the PR information you need.

Besides written content, they also provide podcasts and videos.

Some other resources they offer include job opportunities, surveys around industry trends, and a PR contact directory to easily connect you with thousands of public relations professionals.

Subscribe to receive this content across all platforms.

Founded: 1999

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Marketing/ Social Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 125K


Blog #3: PR News

The PR News blog is another great resource for current events in the industry.

PR News Home Page
Image Source: PR News

PR News helps executives focus on the future of public relations through professional development, community knowledge sharing, events, and awards.

Read articles, op-eds, and listicles with tips/advice on being a better PR pro and current events shaking up the market.

Like many other PR sites, you will find a lot of crisis communications. At the moment, topics they cover include corporate responsibility, nonprofit pr, web tools, and more.

They have several other resources as well such as awards, events, webinars, guidebooks, and job listings.

Founded: 1998

Focus: PR/ Marketing/ Social Media/ Crisis Management/ CSR

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 15.7K


Blog #4: Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is the next PR Blog we’ll take a look at.

Spin Sucks Home Page
Image Source: Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is a great website for communicators because its content is created by a community of bloggers with years of PR experience. Spin sucks was created to change the perception people have about the PR industry.

You won’t find spin tactics or unethical advice here, only honest valuable information relating to pr firms and the industry.

The founder of Spin Sucks, Gini Dietrich, also wrote a book by the same title which emphasizes communication and reputation management in the digital age.

Through the blog, you will also find professional development resources such as the Spin Sucks Academy and podcast.

This blog is great because it holds pr professionals accountable by calling out destructive practices in the industry while celebrating the authentic ones. Separate the “spin” from reality.

Founded: 2007

Focus: Pr/ Marketing/ Communications/ Reputation Management

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 3.8K


Blog #5: PRsay

The next blog you should be reading in 2024 is PRsay.

PRsay Home Page
Image Source: PRsay

Aside from that they have dedicated sections such as diversity, ethics and inside the profession – which gives you insight into pr agencies.

The Voice of Public Relations – that’s the motto of PRsay. PRsay is an extension of the monthly PRSA publication Strategies & Tactics. In this blog, you’ll find advice on valuable job skills, thought leadership, PR training and more.

Founded: 2009

Focus: PR/ Content Marketing

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 2.3K


Blog #6: PR Couture

Another blog that highlights PR in the name is PR Couture.

PR Couture blog
Image Source: PR Couture

PR Couture is a unique blog for fashion/lifestyle PR and marketing communications. The site does a great job of labeling its content so you can easily get to the information that interests you the most.

Not only can you find typical categories like press/outreach or PR/agency life but you can also select your experience level within the PR industry.

Like other blogs, they have a section for job listings, an agency directory and much more. They even offer free resources such as a pitch template or an evergreen pr calendar.

This is a great source of information no matter how long you have been in the industry.

Founded: 2007

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Digital Marketing/ Social Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 6K


Blog #7: Edelman

Now let’s take a look at the long-standing blog Edelman.

Edelman Home Page
Image Source: Edelman

Edelman is a global communication firm focusing on public relations and marketing consultancy. Their blog is called Insights and contains articles on topics such as industry news, best practices, corporate culture and other areas PR experts should be paying attention to.

The pieces are written by industry leaders and you’ll even find content written by the CEO, Richard Edelman.

You will find very timely articles here like information around COVID-19 or you can filter through categories such as government affairs, employee experience and more.

Edelman also has a separate section on their website for trust barometer and financial articles/reports.

Founded: 1996

Focus: PR/ Communications

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 37K


Blog #8: 5W Public Relations Agency

The next blog we recommend is part of a full public relations agency.

5W PR Agency blog
Image Source: 5W Public Relations Agency

5W Public Relations Agency has helped several business types from non-profits to global corporations. This PR firm specializes in several different practice areas such as B2C, B2B, public affairs, government relations and crisis communications.

You will find bloggers writing about all of these topics as well.

By using over 20 tech products themselves, they offer valuable insights on how to successfully adopt pr innovations and use them to push your business forward.

They post 1 – 2 articles per week so no need to check this blog every day but definitely one you should be reading.

Founded: 2003

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Marketing/ Digital Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 7.4K


Blog #9: ACH Communications

Now let’s take a look at ACH Communications.

ACH Communications blog
Image Source: ACH Communications

ACH Communications is another digital communications firm providing knowledge on the blurred lines between traditional pr vs marketing and social vs search. As a communication firm, they offer many different services but for PR, they focus on:

  •  Media Relations
  • Key Message Development
  • Blogger Relations
  • Community Relations
  • & Marketing Communications

Their blog is called talking points and although it doesn’t look as flashy as some of the other blogs on this list, it is still filled with great information.

This blog is interesting because it highlights PR rock stars, relates trending topics to public relations and provides real case studies to learn from.

Founded: 2009

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Marketing/ Social Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 503


Blog #10: O’dwyer’s

We will admit, this next blog could use a facelift but O’dwyer’s still has great information to offer.

O dwyer s Home Page
Image Source: O’dwyer’s

O’Dwyer’s was originally a print publication when it was first published but has since transformed into the digital version you see today, plus a magazine.

Not only do they keep up with the latest industry trends but they also keep a running ranking of the top PR firms. You’ll also find a PR directory to easily search firms by alphabetical order, location, or specialty.

If you are an agency, this is a great place to stay up to date on breaking news and find requests for proposals (RFPs).

You can also find job listings through this blog.

Founded: 1998

Focus:  PR/ Communications/ Marketing

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 27.6K


Blog #11: SHIFT Communications

SHIFT is a data-driven PR agency that provides daily content that’s all backed up with metrics.

It’s not a surprise why this blog is on our list.

SHIFT Communications takes out most of the guesswork that can be found within PR and calculates what has worked in the past to help you be successful in the future.

They have been inventors in the PR industry for 17 years and they are nowhere near slowing down.

They offer a comprehensive PR blog that includes insights to topics like how to respond to a PR crisis, how to generate marketing leads without lead generation software, and the ins and outs of social media.  

Founded: 2003

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Marketing

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 5K


Blog #12: Solo PR Pro

The next blog we recommend you read in 2024 is Solo PR Pro.

Solo PR Pro Home Page
Image Source: Solo PR Pro

Solo PR Pro provides tools, education advocacy and community resources for communication consultants. Other blogs on this list are tailored toward those working for an agency, in-house team, or a large consulting group but Solo PR Pro is specifically written for those individuals who are their own boss or want to be.

The content in this blog focuses on experiences of PR freelancers such as promoting your services, building a client baseline and balancing different client needs on your own.

In addition to blogging, Karen Swim, President of Solo PR Pro and Michelle Kane, founder of VoiceMatters, LLC also record a podcast each week and discuss areas that affect solo business owners.

This is a great resource if you find yourself struggling to implement pr strategies on your own.  

Let the experiences and guidance of industry experts push your business into the future.

Founded: 2008

Focus: PR/ Communications

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 653


Blog #13: The Holmes Report

Next up, we recommend reading The Holmes Report.

The Holmes Report Home Page
Image Source: The Holmes Report

The Holmes Report is a newer PR blog and has recently changed its name to PRovoke Media but it continues to be filled with great information.

On this blog you will find news and opinion pieces along with podcasts and videos.

They even have a longreads section for those days you want to fill with information. The longreads section includes PR stories that matter, profiles and interviews with pr leaders and market research/trends.

You will also find rankings for PR agencies, a list of the most powerful corporate communicators and more.

Gain knowledge through sophisticated pr reports and access an extensive global footprint of events and awards.

Founded: 2004

Focus: PR/ Digital Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 11.1K


Blog #14: AdWeek

Although AdWeek is more of a marketing blog, it is good for PR professionals to gain advertising, media and technology insights.

AdWeek Home Page
Image Source: AdWeek

Through this blog, you will find important information on client-agency relationships, curating messages for a global audience, campaign examples and more.

Inside the site you will find a podcast called Inside The Brand which hosts industry leaders sharing their knowledge in series’ such as:

  • CMO Moves
  • Mentorship
  • Innovators
  • Women Trailblazers
  • Gen ZEOs
  • & Challengers

This is a great place to get perspectives outside of the PR industry specifically while still learning about brand marketing, social media strategies and more.

Founded: 1996

Focus: PR/ Advertising/ Technology

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 1.1M


Blog #15: Cision

The next blog we’ll look at, Cision, returns to more PR-focused content.

Cision Home Page 1
Image Source: Cision

Cision helps clients worldwide with public relations and earned media software services. As a communicator, this blog can help you identify influencers, craft and distribute impactful content and measure the results.

You can locate their blog in the drop-down menu under resources to explore PR tips, case studies and product updates.

They post one to two new stories per day, during the week, so there is plenty of content here to inspire you.

Founded: 2007

Focus: PR/ Communications

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 105K


Blog #16: Bulldog Reporter

Bulldog Reporter prides itself on providing an outlet for the solution to your PR worries.

Bulldog Reporter Home Page
Image Source: Bulldog Reporter

Media monitoring, media database, and measurement services are all solutions that you can use with Bulldog Reporter.

Streamline your workload by using any of the services provided so you can shift your attention to other important matters.

Taking a deeper look at the PR news section, you will find a wealth of information that can enhance your knowledge within the industry.

You can even receive daily updates directly to your email address with timely articles about what’s going on relating to PR.

Besides posting valuable articles on a daily basis, they also publish in-depth content about the industry that’s constantly being updated to always stay above the competition.

Founded: 2003

Focus: PR

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 61.7K


Blog #17: MediaShift

MediaShift was founded in 2006 by  Mark Glaser and focused on providing in-depth articles for the changing ways in which people receive their news information.

MediaShift Home Page
Image Source: MediaShift

MediaShift no longer posts daily feature stories or newsletters. Their focus is now more towards training, events, and the studio that they created.

One of the best things about MediaShift is the networking mixer events that help bring people together in the industry all in one place.

Participants include: technologists, journalists, producers, marketers, advertisers, executives, educators, and students.

Meet like-minded individuals in your specific industry to continue to grow in your knowledge.

Upon further browsing, you will also find MediaShift Studio, which produces high-quality content for companies, publishers, and startups.

Their global network of contributors can help with everything from content marketing to a podcast and video production.

Founded: 2006

Focus: PR/ Digital Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 29.6K


Blog #18: Institute for Public Relations(IPR)

The next blog we are going to talk about is Institute for Public Relations (IPR).

Institute for Public RelationsIPR Home Page
Image Source: Institute for Public Relations(IPR)

IPR conducts nonprofit public relations research dedicated to the science beneath the art of public relations.

They primarily focus on three types of research:

  • Using planning, research, and measurement to evaluate communication programs
  • Understanding best practices and the benchmark on how/why
  • Social sciences within public relations

Specific research studies are published and then promoted to contribute to research-based knowledge within the community.

Founded: 2001

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Marketing

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 12.7K


Blog #19: Media Village

The next blog we recommend you read is Media Village.

Media Village Home Page
Image Source:  Media Village

Media Village realizes that there’s more than just media relations. It’s also important to be well-versed in advertising to be truly successful in generating growth.

They collect, analyze and share consumer data and insights to guide their members’ success in their marketing communications.

With over 60 microsites, with content on marketing, media, and entertainment, there is an abundance of information you can learn from all at the tip of your fingertips.

Founded: 2000

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Social Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 30.7K


Blog #20: Hootsuite

If you are involved in your company’s social media then surely you are familiar with our next blog.

Hootsuite Home Page
Image Source: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great social media management platform but they also have a blog, guides, webinars, and more. The blog consists of tips and resources for all networks.

Get inspiration, strategies and skills on long-established platforms like Google and Facebook to newer platforms like TikTok.

In the blog, you will find how-to’s, listicles, podcasts, and more.

You never have to struggle through new social media features or updates again. Just access Hootsuite for all the information you need.

Founded: 2009

Focus: PR/ Communications/ Social Media

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 3.5M


Blog #21: PR Daily

Just before the end we have PR Daily, a great resource for pr professionals.

PR Daily Home Page
Image Source: PR Daily

Ragan’s PR daily is all in the name. They provide daily news, advice and opinions on pr, marketing and social media writing. They go beyond that with events, an awards division and more, making them one of the best pr blogs.

Through PR Daily, you can download white papers to help you do your job better, join a webinar to share brand strategies and learn best practices or explore other Ragan divisions such as Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council, an exclusive membership organization focusing on corporate communications for senior-level executives.

Subscribe through their website to easily receive it directly in your inbox each day.

Founded: 2001

Focus: PR/ Crisis management/ Marketing

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 32.9K


Blog #22: Meltwater

And finally, we come to our last recommendation on PR blogs you should be reading.

Meltwater Home Page
Image Source: Meltwater

Meltwater helps PR and marketing teams monitor media coverage across both news and social media by providing solutions to everyday tasks.

They provide a solution to the problems faced by modern PR, communications, and marketing professionals.

Some of their products include: media monitoring, social media monitoring, newsletter and website newsfeed, social influencer management and reports.

You can streamline your workload so you can focus your attention on more important matters.

They also provide a lot of webinars, ebooks, reports and useful stories that are created by their contributors to help marketing experts grow in their industry.

Founded: 2005

Focus: PR/ Social Media/ Marketing

Monthly Visits (Ahrefs): 64.8K


Link building cheat sheet

Link building cheat sheet

Gain access to the 3-step strategy we use to earn over 86 high-quality backlinks each month.

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Wrapping Up

So, there you have it.

You now have a list of the best blogs in the PR industry.

You can bookmark some of them and visit them when you need fresh industry news or are looking for specific PR strategies.

I hope this list will help you in your professional development in the world of PR.

Are there any PR blogs we missed to include in this list?

If so, please feel free to share them in the comments section.

Farzad Rashidi

Article by

Farzad Rashidi

Farzad Rashidi is the lead innovator at Respona, the all-in-one digital PR and link-building software that combines personalization with productivity. He also runs the marketing efforts at Visme, where he helped the company gain over 12 million active users and pass 2M monthly organic traffic.

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Payman Taei

Co-founder at Respona

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