62 New Referring Domains for Influencer Marketing SaaS

62 New Referring Domains
3% Backlink Conversion Rate
73% Average Open Rate

Growth Summary

In the first six months using Respona, Insense saw a large increase in the number of referring domains back to their site. The email campaigns run through Respona achieved an open rate of 80%. From the opened emails, the company is achieving a 3% conversion rate for gaining backlinks. Over a five-month period Insense gained 62 backlinks to their site. 

The company – that connects brands with influencers – saw the value in the tool and went on to increase their use across different departments. Whilst harnessing the power of Respona, Insense has signed up two new partnerships using the cold outreach options.


Insense connects brands with influencers. It’s a marketing platform that puts brands in touch with personalities on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. On the books are a range of influencers, so brands can choose the right person to promote their product or service. 

As well as facilitating the initial connection, Insense helps brands navigate the process of whitelisting – getting long-term access to marketing their items on an influencer’s social accounts.

“What we had in mind in the beginning was to be doing backlinking, but now on top of that, we can actually use it for something else, which is even better.

Respona really supports us with strategy and guidance for all our SEO. They always recommend how we can improve our blog:  remove cannibalization, to make our URL shorter. It’s actually really cool because it helps us not just use the platform, but also build some understanding of SEO. It’s really useful… when a software has this part of the education and guidance, it’s valuable.”

Manana Papiashvili

Head of Business Growth

Insense’s needs

To work on search engine optimisation (SEO), the company needed to increase their backlinks. This helps websites to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the keywords they target. The SEO manager at Insense wanted to run the backlinking outreach manually, but the Marketing Lead saw value in bringing in something to automate the process. 

“I first realized that I have to create a list of 100 articles from different sites, and our managers told me that I’d have to find each contact manually!” explains Varsenik, former Marketing Lead at Insense. 

There were some key requirements that were identified for any outreach campaign the company was going to bring in for building backlinks and finding contacts. Along with good pricing and service, they wanted:

  • Access for several email accounts
  • Large numbers of emails being sent
  • Digital PR options
  • To find emails for potential contacts

The company has different teams that need to do outreach activities and they were using different tools for all stages of the process, such as finding emails, sending them, and tracking results. Bringing these functions together was important.

With different functions of marketing, sales, and supply, they needed to connect with different types of people – sometimes influencers and other times potential clients. Insense needed to make campaigns for each of their needs within one tool, streamlining their processes. 

Manana Papiashvili, Insense’s Head of Business Growth says, “With email settings and protection, it’s very hard to do emails at scale because, for example, with some tools you can do it, but then there are the follow ups and then a lot of manual work. You have to see who actually read it or not.”

How Insense used Respona

Insense had Respona recommended to them and began using the tool in August 2020. Initially, they were using the software for their link building campaigns. 

Talking about how Respona improved processes within the marketing platform, Varsenik says, “The whole process of simplifying the backlinking, from finding articles to writing an email to those contacts…, you can do everything in one place.”

After initial success, other teams within Insense began to use the software for cold outreach to potential clients and influencers. It’s now used on three areas of the business:

  • Marketing
  • Sales 
  • Supply

Finding clients who can use the services of Insense is, of course, vital to its growth and success. First, the marketing team needs to find prospects, get the right contact for them, get the email into their inbox, and finally get it read and receive a positive response. 

The core is reaching out in cold context sequences… Follow ups is the key here,” Manana said when discussing the way Respona follows through the whole outreach process. Once the campaign is complete, there’s also a lot of data at hand about the success of the emails and how many are actually being opened. 

In terms of frequency of use of the tool, there’s someone at Insense using Respona weekly. Depending on the time of year and business activity, there are campaigns launching every week or two and follow ups are monitored daily.

Campaign Results

Insense achieve some truly remarkable campaign results. In the five months from September 2020 to March 2021, they were using Respona for backlink campaigns and cold outreach and got the following results.

Total Emails Delivered
Total Emails Opened
Total Emails Replied
Email Delivery Rate
Average Open Rate
Average Response Rate

62 New Referring Domains for Influencer Marketing SaaS

From the great results of the email campaigns Insense ran through Respona, they received some very strong results. Let’s take a look at the key areas that their efforts paid off in.


Referring Domains Growth

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The first metric is the growth of referring domains.

The number of referring domains increased by 62 from September 2020 to February 2021.

Tip: Having a diversified link profile—from different, but relevant websites—is important in terms of growing your Domain Rating (DR) as well as boosting your overall organic footprint online.


Domain Rating Growth

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The second metric is the domain rating growth, which went from 38—back in September, 2020—to 61 in April 2021.

Tip: A recent Backlinko study has shown that there’s a correlation between the DR of a website and the website rankings. Put another way, a higher DR can help a website be more competitive and rank higher for more terms.


3% conversion rate for backlink outreach campaigns

Acquiring backlinks came from campaigns to reach out to blogs, with three in every hundred replies resulting in a successfully placed backlink to their blog.

Tip: Having lots of high-quality, relevant websites linking back to your site will increase your domain authority and should see your site rank higher on the SERPs for your target words and phrases.