35 Monthly Backlinks for a User Assistance Platform

35 Monthly Backlinks for a User Assistance Platform

Lucas Howard, the Demand Generation Manager at CommandBar shares how the team uses Respona to secure up to 35 monthly backlinks.


Monthly Backlinks


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Average Open Rate

CommandBar started using Respona in July, 2023. In 7 months, their referring domains profile has grown by almost 400 domains.

“Respona – 10/10 team, 10/10 support, really excellent product. Would recommend to anybody that’s looking for this kind of tool.”

Lucas Howard
Lucas Howard

Demand Gen

CommandBar's Needs

Before Respona, the CommandBar team was using another outreach tool for link building but was not satisfied with its usability and contact-finding accuracy. 

While searching for alternatives on G2 and blog posts listing other tools, they found Respona and decided to try it. 

Upon comparing it with their previous tool, the team saw an immediate improvement in their reply rates, were able to convert more prospects into backlinks, and decided to make the switch.

How CommandBar Uses Respona

Currently, one team member at CommandBar is using Respona daily. 

Before Respona, they had no experience with outreach but were able to learn quickly.

“I think this speaks to the power of Respona – within a week, he was able to become an outreach guru. He leveled up so quickly just by using the tool.”

The number one strategy for CommanBar turned out to be blogger outreach: 

“We’ve really gravitated towards blogger outreach. That has been great for our strategy – which is to use our content as a speartip for building relationships.” 

The team’s second favorite strategy is booking appearances on podcasts:

“Number 2 that’s worked for us on a smaller basis is podcast outreach. We haven’t done a ton of it, but when we have it’s been straight wins – around 50%, which is really high for any kind of outreach.” 

Over 7 months of using Respona, CommandBar’s total referring domains grew by almost 400. 

commanbar referring domain growth chart

Another point Lucas brought up was Respona’s analytics and how they allow the team to A/B test their campaigns:

“We do a lot of experiments with subjects and first email body. The analytics are awesome. It seems really simple but you’d be surprised how bad analytics can be if you go into some other tools. In Respona, it’s super easy to look at your campaigns and tell what’s working and what’s not.”

When asked about his favorite feature, Lucas mentioned Respona’s bulk email finder & verifier:

“It’s a pretty basic one, but I honestly think that the contact finder is up there. Comparing Respona with other tools, what really stood out was the quality of the contacts.”

Because of our real-time email finder, the team is now able to get more results out of smaller campaigns:

“In some cases, you may be sending fewer emails, but you’re doing better for your spam score, and you’re also getting more response even on the lower end because you’re reaching the right people.”

Partly because of this, every single one of CommandBar’s sender emails has a perfect health score:

commandbar email health report

When asked what Respona could do better, Lucas mentioned that despite having great analytics, the tool could turn them into actionable advice for people with less outreach experience: 

“One thing that would be cool if the tool could provide you with recommendations based on your campaign insights.”

Our support team also received a compliment:

“Support – incredible. One of the best experiences I’ve seen for a SaaS tool.” 

With Respona, CommandBar is now able to consistently secure 2-3 times more backlinks than before. 

“We went from winning a handful of backlinks per month to consistently getting 20-35, and their quality is much better.

Campaign Results

Let’s see some statistics of CommandBar’s campaigns over the course of 7 months. 


Email Delivery Rate


Total Emails Delivered


Average Open Rate


Total Emails Opened


Average Response Rate


Total Emails Replied to

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