350 Backlinks Per Month for a Link Building Agency

350 Backlinks Per Month for a Link Building Agency

Guillaume Deschamps, the Digital PR Manager at uSERP, shares how his team uses Respona to build over 300 backlinks every month for their clients.


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uSERP started using Respona a little over a year ago. In that time, their team consisting of 24 outreach specialists has streamlined their approach to link building to generate a steady stream of over three hundred high-quality backlinks for their clients, every single month.

“With Respona,  we earn 300-350 links from high-authority websites per month.”

Guillaume Deschamps
Guillaume Deschamps

Digital PR Manager at uSERP


Before Respona, uSERP had been using BuzzStream.

This time, it was actually our own team who reached out to uSERP with an offer to try out our tool around 6 months after Respona was initially launched.

At that point, the tool lacked some of the features uSERP needed, so they politely declined our invitation.

Based on uSERP’s feedback, we have implemented the features they were looking for over the course of next year and reached out to them again.

The team tried Respona and tested it over the course of a couple of months. 

All team leads and managers involved with the testing agreed that Respona was the tool they wanted to use, and moved their entire outreach team to it.

According to Guillaume, the main advantages of Respona over Buzzstream were its user-friendliness, data accuracy, and the amount of time it saves for each of uSERP’s team members.

Even their open and reply rates increased compared to what they were getting with their previous approach.

How Userp Uses Respona

uSERP’s team has 24 people actively using Respona daily.

We asked Guillaume which link building strategies they used: 

“The listicle one is working really well. And the unlinked mentions.”

When asked about Guillaume’s favorite feature, it was the no-reply sending strategy: 

“There’s one automation that we all love. When you find contacts and then Respona sends to another person if the contact is not answering or is not the right one. It’s a backup – you don’t have to go looking for new contacts; Respona is doing everything for you.”

One of his team’s favorite elements, however, proved to be Respona’s built-in templates.

“They love that in Respona, the templates are already ready – you just need to change a few words. But basically, you only have to click on “send. We use the templates from Respona and the templates are actually working well.”

When we inquired about what Respona could do better, the answer was: 

”We don’t have big issues – it’s always small little stuff. For example, we had an issue while uploading .CSVs – sometimes the fields don’t match for some reason. But the customer service team is wonderful – they’re always here to help. They always have a solution – and if they don’t have a solution for something like an internal bug, it always gets fixed fast, in 2-3 days max.”

The biggest value uSERP is getting out of Respona is the amount of time saved: 

“We’re an agency, we work really fast and have a thousand things to do every day, and Respona is helping us save the time on finding contacts, finding opportunities, we have everything in one place. That’s why we subscribed and this is why we’ll subscribe again in the future.”

All in all, uSERP’s team of 24 members is able to generate an impressive stream of backlinks every single month:

“With Respona,  we earn 300-350 links from high-authority websites per month.”

Campaign Results

Let’s look at uSERP’s campaign statistics pulled straight from their global report.


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