25 Guest Posts and 50 Backlinks Every Month for a Marketing Agency

25 Guest Posts and 50 Backlinks Every Month for a Marketing Agency

Andrew Maff, the CEO of BlueTuskr, shares how the team has used Respona to generate a steady stream of backlinks guest posts for their clients and themselves.


New Referring Domains


Monthly Guest Posts


Monthly Backlinks

In the six months that the team has been using Respona, BlueTuskr was able to scale up their outreach to over 50 backlinks and 25 guest posts every single month, as well as grow their own referring domains number by over 300.

bluetuskr referring domains chart

“Respona significantly improved our experience with outreach and getting what we needed for our clients. It certainly exceeded our expectations.”

Andrew Maff
Andrew Maff

CEO of BlueTuskr

BlueTuskr's Needs

Before Respona, the team at BlueTuskr were using a combination of Buzzstream and Hunter. They were having difficulties getting backlinks.

Their main challenge was practicality: Buzzstream was difficult to use and navigate, so the team needed an easier, more streamlined tool. 

After searching for similar tools online, the team chose between Respona and Pitchbox.

Cassidy, the team’s SEO specialist already had some previous experience with Pitchbox, however, BlueTuskr decided to try Respona because of its user-friendly interface, team insights functionality, and lower price.

The team has been using Respona to build backlinks and secure guest posts for their clients as well as their own website for six months.


How BlueTuskr Uses Respona

Currently, BlueTuskr has 4 full-time contractors using Respona, each one using the tool 4 times a week on average. 

Andrew mentioned that one of the most important features for them is the ability to easily export contacts from Respona and provide their clients with extensive updates on their campaigns’ progress:

“I think the reporting is probably the biggest factor for us. Honestly, we were having a hard time getting backlinks when we were using a different platform. What I love about Respona is that we can export everything that we’ve been working on (because our clients really like to see that). So, we put the company, the name, the email, what type of campaign it is. Our clients kept asking “Where are our backlinks coming from? How can we be a part of it?”, so they like that process; being able to see it.”

Not only is this reporting helpful to show clients, but it also helps Andrew and his team to monitor contractors and make more informed decisions for future campaigns:

“When you’re just looking at the campaigns and can see the status, the progress, the opens – I actually really like that because then I can keep track of my contractors and see how they’re performing. For example, if there are certain keywords that we’re trying to target, and they’re not even opening our emails, then we know that we really shouldn’t be using this keyword and we should target someone else.”

With Respona, BlueTuskr was able to consistently (and considerably) outnumber their lost referring domains with new ones:

bluetuskr new referring domains chart

Another important feature that Andrew highlighted during the interview are Respona’s automated variables that dramatically speed up the personalization process:

“I also really like when you’re creating the sequences how it has the automated variables that you can put in there and also customize it.”

Our support team received a compliment as well:

“The support was instant, maybe a few minutes, which is perfect, so 10/10.”

Considering that the team only has 4 contractors, BlueTuskr managed to scale up link building and guest posting for their clients to a pretty impressive number with Respona:

“Backlinks total, each month, I would say about 50-60. For guest posts, I would say about 25-30”. 

In six months, BlueTuskr, also managed to double the number of keywords they’re ranking by combining content production with link building:

bluetuskr organic keywords chart


Campaign Results

Let’s take a look at BlueTuskr outreach statistics.


Email Delivery Rate


Total Emails Delivered


Average Open Rate


Total Emails Opened


Average Response Rate


Total Emails Replied

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