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Connect any email address from any provider through IMAP/SMTP and get started with your outreach in minutes.


SMTP and IMAP are protocols for sending and receiving email messages

If you use an email provider that’s not Gmail or Outlook, don’t worry – you can integrate Respona with your email account through the SMTP and IMAP protocols.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the most common protocol for sending email. It is a simple, text-based protocol, where messages are represented by lines of text. The messages are transferred between two systems, usually between a server and a client, using a TCP/IP connection.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a protocol for accessing email on a remote server. It is a more sophisticated protocol than SMTP, and allows for much more complex operations such as searching and retrieving messages from a server.

In short, these two protocols are for sending and receiving email messages. 

Through SMTP and IMAP, you can connect an email account by any email service provider. So, don’t worry if you’re not using Gmail or Outlook – your integration will be smooth as butter anyway. 

Respona also supports both SSL and TLS encryption protocols – making it possible to connect literally any email by any provider. 

To connect your email account through SMTP/IMAP, you will need your sender email, full name, SMTP/IMAP usernames, your email password, and, of course, your SMTP and IMAP server ports. 

Once you hit Connect Email, Respona will automatically sync up with your email inbox/outbox, track opens/replies, and, of course, start sending email campaigns on your behalf.

Respona also helps you manage multiple email accounts from the shared Inbox tab without ever having to leave the tool, and provides you with detailed email health reports to help you stay out of spam.

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