With SEMRush, you can view your competitors’ backlink profiles, and pull their links directly into your Respona campaigns.


Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools that boasts all of the functionality an SEO specialist would ever need.

It involves everything: from website health to keyword research

However, our integration takes advantage of a very specific portion of it, which is backlink monitoring.

Semrush also provides several advanced filters, allowing you to be exceptionally precise when it comes to the SEO metrics of your desired prospects.

By integrating Semrush with Respona, you’ll be able to do two things in one place: view competitors’ backlinks, and create outreach campaigns to these websites at the same time.

semrush as a respona backlink search source

You can connect Semrush to Respona through your personal API key, and run backlink search automation using Semrush as the search source.

setting additional semrush filters

When you use Semrush as the backlink automation search source, you will use your Semrush plan, saving you Respona credits which can be used for other backlink searches, or contact findings.

Once you integrate Semrush with Respona, you will also gain access to Semrush-specific SEO filters, helping you weed out any opportunities with too little traffic, authority, etc.

Reveal competing articles’ backlinks in bulk, and add them directly to your link-building campaigns.

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