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Connect your Outlook account to Respona in a single click and start sending outreach campaigns in minutes.


Outlook is the second largest email service provider with over 400 million users worldwide.

Worried about whether Respona supports Outlook or not? Don’t be – Respona integrates with your Microsoft email with just a single click.

Connecting a Microsoft Outloook is much easier than doing so through SMTP/IMAP – all you have to do is select your email address, type in your password, and you’re done.

Using an Outlook or Gmail account is also much more secure than most other providers since Microsoft and Google use more advanced encryption protocols.

If your have an email signature set up on your Outlook account, it will automatically be pulled into your messages by Respona once your email is connected.  

All you have to do to is click on “Add Email” > Outlook and sign in to your email account.

In addition to just sending emails through your Outlook account, Respona will also add it to your shared Inbox tab – from which you can easily manage all of your email inboxes/outboxes in one place.

And finally, detailed email health reports will help you always stay on top of your email deliverability.

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