Run backlink search automations, set SEO filters, and pull link building prospects directly into your Respona campaign in seconds.


Moz is one of the most widely-used all-in-one SEO tools designed to optimize both on- and off-page SEO. It is particularly renowned for providing users with an in-depth look into the backlink profiles of various websites, thereby allowing link-builders to come up with successful campaigns and identify pertinent opportunities.

Utilizing Moz’s advanced filtering options in combination with their high-quality backlink data, you can quickly and easily create extensive lists of link prospects that suit your exact requirements. 

You can also use Moz’s filters to create meaningful prospect lists within Respona, which is where you will also be managing the next steps of your campaigns.

Respona is Integrated with Moz by default, but you may also choose to connect your account to save on search credits.

moz as a respona backlink search source

To connect your Moz account to Respona, simply paste your Access ID and Secret Key in the corresponding fields. 

setting moz metrics

After you connect your Moz account, you can start saving Respona credits which can be used for other backlink searches or contact searches, and use your Moz plan instead.

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