Partner recruitment


Build links by getting featured on popular list posts.



List posts (Top 5, 10, 15, etc. articles) are a great way to promote your business or content.

There is no shortage of list post articles on the web because the format is very effective and favored by both users and search engines.

In this strategy, you will be finding listicles that are relevant to your niche and reaching out to the people behind them, asking to add your business/article to the list.

As an example, to gain more exposure for Respona, we will be finding blog posts listing affiliate recruitment tools, asking them to include us and join our affiliate program.


  1. In the first two fields, enter your company name and domain.
listicle template

In the third field, type in the target keywords of your ideal prospect listicles.

In the fourth field, describe why your company/product is a good fit for the listicle.

In the incentive field, describe how your prospect will benefit from including you in their listicle.

Click “Use this template”.

search engine

In the campaign editor, click “Continue” and set additional SEO filters.

seo filters

Review results after the automation is complete.



Subject: Missed one

Hi {first_name},

It seems like you missed [Company name] in your post on [target keyword1] :(

[Unique aspects of your company]


How does that sound?



Subject: Missed one

Hi John,

It seems like you missed Respona in your post on [target keyword1] :(

Respona automates the entire partner recruitment process in minutes, and is actually the highest-rated outreach tool on G2.

If you’re interested in including us, I’m happy to:

1. Get you six-month access to try it out on the house

2. I’ll provide all the assets you need to update the article (screenshots, custom description, etc).

How does that sound?