How to Introduce Yourself In An Email: 24 Templates to Use

How to Introduce Yourself In An Email: 24 Templates to Use

Payman Taei

Payman Taei

Co-founder at Respona

How to Introduce Yourself In An Email: 24 Templates to Use

In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can successfully introduce yourself in an email.

The way you’ll introduce yourself usually depends on the reasons why you’re reaching out to someone.

We understand emailing people you don’t know and trying to make a fantastic first impression through an email might feel tricky.

Worry not!

We’ve created a list of 24 easy-to-use templates. 

More specifically, here are some examples of the types of templates we’ll be focusing on:

  • Content promotion
  • Public relations
  • Blogger outreach
  • Job seeking
  • Upcoming interview
  • SaaS collaboration request
  • Cold sales email
  • Virtual event
  • Loved your article/post/video

Plus many more email tips that can help you introduce yourself in a professional email.

We’ve got a long way to go, so let’s get right into it.

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Link building cheat sheet

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What is an Introduction Email and Why is it Important?

Before we dive deeper into the actual process of writing an introductory email, let’s first establish what an introduction email is.

The term is pretty self explanatory and basically refers to those types of emails that one sends to introduce themselves to someone who they’ve never met before.

In other words, an introduction email is a way to say hello; a sort of a semi-formal salutation to someone you don’t know and want to create a connection with.  

At this point, you might start asking yourself why an introduction email is so important and why we’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to it.

It’s just an introduction, right?

Well, no.

An efficient introduction is vital because it can help you save time and get noticed.

With a huge number of emails sent and received daily, you need to make sure that writing an email won’t be a waste of time.

Email reception rates
Image Source: Statista

With over three hundred billion emails being sent and received every day, we understand that the competition is high.

Furthermore, Backlinko conducted an email outreach study that provides us with some interesting data.

More specifically, after they analyzed 12 million outreach emails, they found that only a really low percentage of those emails received a response.

Email response rates
Image Source: Backlinko 

We therefore understand that the vast majority of emails that get sent out every second in this world go in vain, despite the time and effort professionals have put into writing them.

What I’m trying to say is that, whether it’s a job application introduction email or an email that’ll connect you with a potential client, you should do your best to make sure your email will get a response and you’ll be in that 8.5% of outreach emails that do get a response.

How exactly do you write a good introduction email?

Everything starts with your subject line.

How to Write a Good Email Subject Line

An important part of an email introduction is the subject line.

A compelling subject line is one that’s the ideal length and makes it more likely that the recipient will want to open and read the email.

When writing your subject line, you should keep in mind that the subject line is the first sentence someone is going to see from you – it needs to be great and informative.

In terms of how long a subject line should be, we get insight from the Backlinko study we mentioned a little further up.

According to the study, short subject lines are less likely to get a response, while a medium length subject line is ideal.

Subject line success
Image Source: Backlinko 

It seems that longer subject lines make it easier for the recipient to get a clear idea of what the email is going to be about, thus giving them the opportunity to decide on whether they’d be interested in the content of the email or not.

For example, you can see below — in Respona’s email editor — that our example subject length is 28 characters.

Even though there are no benchmarks for what’s considered to be the ideal subject length, it’s obvious that a subject line that clearly gives context as to what the email is all about can work better than a subject line that’s not descriptive at all.

Subject line personalization

However, you should try to keep some balance and avoid getting too descriptive in your subject line because that can also lead to your email getting no response.

A subject line that’s too long might lead to some words getting cut off and make it impossible for the recipient to understand what the email is about.

The screenshot above shows us an email subject line that has a chance of getting a reply, while the one below shows us a subject line that’s not as descriptive and thus doesn’t have as much chance of getting opened.

Subject line length

As you remove words from the subject line, it becomes less descriptive and has a lower chance of getting opened and receiving a reply.

Short subject line

Thus, as you can understand, forming the ideal subject line is kind of an art — it can’t be too long, it can’t be too short, and at the same time has to be descriptive as to what the email is all about.

Additionally, in terms of the tone of your subject line, my advice would be to avoid subject lines that are too formal.

Such subject lines will most likely create distance between you and the email recipient and that’s the last thing you want to happen when reaching out to people for the first time.

Takeaway points in terms of your subject line:

  • Be specific
  • Write an informative subject line
  • Don’t make it too short
  • Don’t make it too long
  • Make it compelling

It’s as simple as that.

Let’s move right onto our 24 introduction email templates.

Template #1: Content Promotion Email Introduction

The first email template I have for you is a content promotion email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your name] here with [company].


I just finished reading your post on [article topic].

Loved the way you mentioned [insert article summary].

I noticed, however, you didn’t mention one main point: [your article’s unique point].

The goal of a content promotion email is to promote a content piece you’ve written in your blog.

For that reason, you need to make the qualities of the piece and the reasons why the email recipient should care about them really clear.

Use case: You’re a content marketer trying to promote a piece of content you’ve created. In order for the above template to work, you have to present a unique angle for the piece you’re trying to promote. In other words, add perspective and create something different than what’s already out there.

Recommended subject line: [Your article’s unique point] missing from your post

The second template I’m going to share with you is a link building email intro template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your Name] here with [company]. How are things over in {country}?


I just finished reading your post on [article topic].

Loved the way you discussed [insert article summary].

We’ve just published a {content format} on [article topic] and would like to share it with you.

When it comes to link building email introduction, you should consider adding a good call to action (CTA) that’ll give the recipient some extra motivation to give you a link.

Use case: You’re a link builder trying to promote a piece of content you’ve just published.

Recommended subject line: Suggestion for your [article topic] post

Template #3: Public Relations Email Introduction

The third template we’ll be showing you is the public relations email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your name] here with [company].


From what I hear, you’re into {topic}.

I was reading your article on {publication or magazine} and was particularly interested in what you said about [insert article summary].

Since you’re obviously good with words and we’re good with building things (humble brag), I thought you might be interested in learning about {company}.

A public relations email introduction is a great opportunity to reach out to people that are relevant to what you do and build connections with them.

Use case: You’re a marketer at a startup trying to get PR coverage before a launch

Recommended subject line: New {topic} startup

Template #4: Meeting Request Email Introduction

Another email template we think you’ll find useful is the meeting request email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your name] here with [company].


How are things over in {country}?

I was browsing {website} the other day.

However, I couldn’t help but think that some extraordinary designs could help you hit the mark.

How about having a call and discuss how {your company} can be your ally in doing so?

Whether you’re asking for a face to face or online meeting, you need to give your potential collaborator a valid reason for spending time attending such a meeting.

Use case: You’re a sales representative working for an online design software. You’re trying to set up a call via a meeting request email to discuss how your product could benefit the prospect’s company.

Recommended subject line: {Company name} needs better graphic design

Template #5: Influencer Outreach Email Introduction

An influencer outreach email introduction template can be very handy when reaching out to influencers.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your name] here with [company].


I’ve been following your work for a while (hope you don’t mind!) and was super excited to see you posting about {topic}.

I particularly liked your article {article tame} where you said that [insert article summary].

Seeing your work makes us really want to collaborate with you in spreading the word about {company name}.

When reaching out to an influencer, it’d be nice to be specific about the things you like in their work because this’ll make it more likely that a successful collaboration will happen.

Use case: Starting to build a relationship with an influencer

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, we want to work with you

Template #6: Blogger Outreach Email Introduction

Similar to the previous template, a blogger outreach email introduction template can be very helpful when reaching out to bloggers.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your name] here with [company].


First things first, I am a big fan of {website}.

I think your last post about [topic] has some real nuggets for all {industry} professionals.

Btw, loved the way you discussed [insert article summary].

When it comes to writing a blogger outreach email, make sure you compliment their work and state specifically what is in their work that you resonate with.

Use case: Starting to build a relationship with a blogger

Recommended subject line: Write another one of your masterpieces for us

Template #7: Partnership Email Introduction

The seventh template I have for you is a partnership email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

[Your name] here with [company].


I’m a huge fan of the great things you guys are doing in {industry}.

I find {company name} to be really influential.

We’re currently working on a project about [insert project summary] and thought it’d be fantastic to work together.

Before you go on to send your partnership email, make sure you’ve done your research and you’re approaching a company that really resonates with your brand and audience.

A well-informed decision on who to approach for a partnership can help you create a beneficial relationship.

Use case: You’re a startup owner wanting to create a partnership with another startup in your niche

Recommended subject line: {Your company name} + {their company name} Partnership?

Template #8: Job Seeking Email Introduction

Another email template that could help many of you is the job seeking email.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name},

My name is [your name] and I’m a [profession].

What {company} does in the {industry} is rather impressive.

I came across your last {statement} on [topic] on Linkedin and I absolutely agree.

Not sure if you’re actively hiring over at {company}, but I really like what you guys do and thought I would reach out to see if there are any open positions.

When sending out a job seeking email, keep in mind to not only write about your previous experience, job title, and the reasons why you may be a good candidate for the new job.

Although this is important, mentioning why you’ve chosen this position and the company to apply at will be appreciated.

It’ll show the email recipient that you’re truly passionate about working with them and that you did a well-researched job search.

Author’s Note: At this point, avoid sending a cover letter or a CV. You just want to build a relationship with a company. 

Use case: You’re a content marketer reaching out to the hiring manager of a company you’re interested in working with

Recommended subject line: Is {company name} looking for a content marketer?

Template #9: Upcoming Interview Email Introduction

The upcoming interview email introduction can be a fantastic way for you to introduce yourself successfully before having an interview.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here.

Just received the confirmation email that our interview has been scheduled for {time and date}. 

I’m really looking forward to speaking with you about [topic].

The tone of an upcoming interview email introduction depends on the relationship you have with the recipient of your email as well as the nature of the upcoming interview.

Generally, such an email is used to get the recipient’s attention before the interview by  introducing yourself.

Also, you’re aiming to show them your interest in the upcoming meeting.

Use case: Introducing yourself before an interview on a podcast or show you’re an upcoming guest on

Recommended subject line: A few words before the interview

Template #10: Guest Post Contribution Request Email Introduction

As we’re moving towards the middle of our email introduction templates, let’s look at an example of a guest post contribution request email introduction.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m always excited when I see that you’re writing about [topic] and [topic]. 

Don’t want to waste your time, I’m reaching out because I have a bunch of brand new post ideas that would fit great on your blog.

When sending out a guest post contribution email, try to be creative, show the recipient what is that you like about their blog, and what it is that you have to offer.

Use case: You’re a blogger reaching out to a popular blog where you want to publish a high-quality post

Recommended subject line: Content contribution for {blog name}

Template #11: Brand Pitching Email Introduction

Brand pitching emails are great places to start for bloggers and influencers that want to monetize their following.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here.

I’ve checked your website and social media accounts and, honestly, I find your products truly unique and of high quality.

You’re doing a particularly good job on {channel or medium} and I really resonate with the {content format} you’re publishing on a regular basis.

To introduce yourself to a brand basically means that you show them why you’d be a great fit for collaborating with – for example, by mentioning companies you’ve worked with or by making a comment about the years of experience you have.

In addition to this, you need to personalize your email and show that you have genuine interest in this particular company.

Note: Using the recipient’s name in the subject line is highly recommended.

Use case: You’re an influencer or blogger pitching yourself to a brand you’re interested in collaborating with

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, I can help with your products

Template #12: SaaS Collaboration Request Email Introduction

A SaaS collaboration request email introduction template is a nice way to introduce your SaaS company to another company and possibly start a collaboration.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

how are things over in {country}?

What you guys are doing in {industry} is remarkable and inspiring. 

Your last campaign about [topic] was truly original. 

Since you’re into {industry} and we’re into {your industry}, and there could be some crossover between our audiences, we thought we’d reach out and explore the possibility of a collaboration.

Synergies and co-marketing activities among SaaS companies are very popular.

For that reason, it’s paramount that your collaboration email request to a SaaS company is personalized and adds value to the recipient in terms of highlighting how a potential collaboration between the two of you can be beneficial for both companies as well as their audiences.  

Use case: A SaaS company is reaching out to another SaaS company for a potential collaboration

Recommended subject line: {Company name} + {their company name} collaboration?

Template #13: Media Email Introduction

The thirteenth template we have for you is a media email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

how are things over in {country}?

I saw that {something interesting about their country}.

We love your approach on [topic]. 

Since in a few [months/weeks/days] we’ll be launching a [project summary], we’d like you to be the first publication to cover it.

When reaching out to a media outlet, you should emphasize how your story, event, or news is relevant to the particular outlet you’re reaching out to.

In other words, note the main points of your topic but focus on making a link between it and previous work of the media outlet.

Use case: Introducing yourself and your company to a media outlet

Recommended subject line: {Media outlet or publication} to cover {your company}?

Template #14: New Partner Email Introduction

The new partner email introduction template could be considered a follow-up to a successful partnership email, which we discussed earlier.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

How are things over in {country}?

Just wanted to reach out and say how excited we all are for starting this new collaboration with {their company name}.

There are a variety of reasons for sending out an email to a new partner.

It could be that you want to congratulate them for something they did or just show interest in their work.

Either way, such an email helps break the ice and connects you on a personal level with your new partner.

Use case: Reaching out after initiating a new partnership with another company or person

Recommended subject line: So glad {company name} + {their company name} have partnered

Template #15: Information Request Email Introduction

Another email introduction template we have for you is an information request email template.  

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

It was great to meet you the other day at [event or location] and to have such a stimulating conversation with you.

In fact, following from our phone call last week, I’d like to know more about [topic].

The tone and content of an information request email really depends on the relationship you’ve built with the other person during your first meeting.

In any case, it’s a great opportunity to maintain and establish a relationship after a brief communication as well as show that you value the initial communication.

Use case: After a brief in-person or online communication with a person, reach out to ask for specific information based on your initial discussion

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, I have a question regarding our chat

Template #16: Request for Help or Advice Email Introduction

You might find that you need a request for help or advice email introduction template.

There you go:

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

How are things going in {their company name}?

You guys are obviously a big influence for people in {industry} since you {something noteworthy about their company}. 

We’re relatively new in {industry} and we’d love to sit and learn from someone like you.

A request for help or advice email is usually a great way to approach someone who’s an expert in the industry and would help you get some insight on an issue you might be facing.

It’s essential that you personalize your email introduction and that you mention the reasons why you’re reaching out to an expert like the recipient.

Long story short, don’t start elaborating on your problem before having stated why the recipient is the right person to reach out to.

Use case:  Reach out to ask for help or a piece of advice from a person with authority on a specific topic

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, we need your insightful ideas

Template #17: Congratulatory Email Introduction

A congratulatory email introduction template can be a very useful one.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

I was having a call with our mutual connection, [name], and I was super excited to hear that {their company name} achieved [summary of the achievement]. 

You guys must be over the moon with what you did.

A congratulatory email is one that shows the recipient that you’re happy and satisfied for them because they achieved something big businesswise.

At the same time, it helps you establish a strong business relationship and show your support.

Use case: Congratulating someone’s specific accomplishments or it could also be that you’re congratulating someone for a content piece that was of value to you

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, congrats on [something noteworthy]

Template #18: Loved your Article/Post/Video Email Introduction

Here’s one of our favorites.

The  ‘loved your article/post/video’ email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hi {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with {company}.

How are things going in {their company name}?

From what I read on your last {article} about [topic], it looks like you’re going through a very creative moment. 

I absolutely loved the way you approached [insert article summary] — it’s beautifully framed!

Similar to the ‘congratulations’ email, the ‘I loved something that you did’ email is an expression of admiration and support to someone whose work you find inspiring.

They’d love to know more about what you liked, so make that point explicit.

Use case: Reaching out to an author/creator of a specific content piece that you particularly liked

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, your article made my day

Template #19: Cold Sales Email Introduction

The cold sales email introduction template can be used for pitching your product or service to a prospect.

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with {company}.

I came across your last post on LinkedIn about [article topic]. 

Really interesting to know that {insert article summary}. 

Wanted to check in with you and see how you handle [operation or need].

We’re into [topic] and think we can help you with [pain point].

As you can see, we’re mentioning the prospects’ pain point in order to show them why our product/service can be a solution to their issue.

This way, we avoid being too aggressive with our cold sales email and we show that we care about fixing the problem.

Use Case: Cold outreach sales pitch to a specific person/organization

Recommended Subject Line: Solution for [Pain Point]

Template #20: Mutual Passion Email Introduction

The mutual passion email introduction template is the twentieth template we have for you.

You can send this one when you happen to share a mutual passion with another individual and want to start a conversation with them.

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with {company}.

Big fan of your {point of interest} here. 

I loved your post on [topic] and especially how you discussed that {insert article summary}.  

It seems that we’re both into [topic] and I just wanted to reach out and say hi.

Use case: Showing that you share a mutual passion with someone and use that as a point of reference to get a conversation started

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, we have a mutual passion for [topic]

Template #21: Colleagues Email Introduction

Here’s a template that can be used for introducing colleagues via email.  

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here. 

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be working with [name] from [department] for the purposes of [project].

I’m looping [name] in so you two have a chance to discuss and get to know each other better.

A colleagues introduction email is a way to introduce two people to one another and give them the opportunity to e-meet before they start working together.

It can be informal and promote the spirit of collaboration.

Use case: Introducing two colleagues that will need to collaborate

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, introducing you your new partner in crime

Template #22: Virtual Event Email Introduction

More relevant than ever, a virtual event email introduction template will be helpful to all companies organizing virtual events for their audience.

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with [company].

How are things over in {country}?

You’re obviously a master of [topic] and all of us who work in [industry] are lucky to have access to your material online. 

Here at {company}, we’re organizing a virtual event on [topic].

The reasons for sending out a virtual event email are as varied and diverse as the types of virtual events.

For that reason, you should adjust the tone of your email introduction accordingly.

In case you’re inviting someone to be a speaker in your event, try to make sure that you show your genuine interest in reaching out to them by personalizing your email introduction and clearly stating why you chose them.  

Use case: Inviting someone to a virtual event you’re organizing and encouraging the person to be a speaker

Recommended subject line: {first_name}, want to be part of {event name}?

Template #23: New Product or Service Email Introduction

Our second to last template is a new product or service email introduction.

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here with {company}.

How are things over in {country}?

Your work in [topic of interest] is absolutely amazing and inspiring to younger companies, like us. 

For that reason, we wanted you to be one of the first to know that we’ll soon be  launching [product].

An email to promote a new product or service is basically an introduction email to something new and newsworthy your company has done.

Try to avoid sounding overly promotional and simply introduce your product – or service – while giving the recipient a valid reason why they should care.

Use case: Reaching out to promote/introduce a new service or product

Recommended subject line: A new approach to {topic of interest}

Template #24: New Point of Contact Email Introduction

The last template we have for you is the new point of contact email introduction template.

Subject: Subject

Hey {first_name}, 

[Your name] here from [department]. 

Just wanted to let you know that from now on I’ll be your point of contact for all things related to {topic of interest}.

Whether you’re introducing yourself or someone else as the new point of contact within a department or for particular tasks, the idea is that you successfully let the other person know the details of how the communication will be taking place from now on as well as who’s going to be involved.

Use case: Introducing yourself or someone else as the new point of contact.  

Recommended subject line: New point of contact for {first_name}

Link building cheat sheet

Link building cheat sheet

Gain access to the 3-step strategy we use to earn over 86 high-quality backlinks each month.

Download for free

Now Over to You

So there you have it.

A list of twenty four easy to use email templates to help you start your outreach with confidence.

As you know already, the majority of the email examples we used in this post are business emails.

However, we avoided being too formal.

Steer clear from generic expressions like “Dear Mr…” or “Dear Mrs…” –  that creates distance between you and the recipient.

Instead, make sure that you personalize your email and that you’re being friendly.

Also, be sure you sign off with an email signature that includes all essential contact information, like your phone number, in case someone wants to contact you using an alternative method.

I’d like to hear from you, what are some vital email introduction elements you always include in your emails and why?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Payman Taei

Article by

Payman Taei

Payman Taei is the co-founder of Respona, the all-in-one PR and link building tool that combines personalization with productivity. He’s also the founder of Visme, a DIY platform that allows everyone to create and manage presentations, infographics, reports, and other visual content.

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