350 Monthly Backlinks for an Online Video Editor

350 Monthly Backlinks for an Online Video Editor

Ankit Solanki, Head of Search at InVideo shares how his team uses Respona to consistently hit a monthly target of 350 backlinks.


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InVideo started using Respona in January 2023. Since then, they were able to achieve a stable monthly goal of 350 backlinks with a team of 20.

As a result, InVideo managed to generate over 5000 new referring domain and anchor their positions on SERPs even more.

“It’s just been a fun experience – the headache is off my head. I am really relieved that I don’t have to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of duct taping 10 solutions.”

Ankit Solanki
Ankit Solanki

Head of Search

InVideo's Needs

Before Respona, InVideo were using Mail Merge in combination with other tools for prospecting, finding contact information, and link building outreach, “duct taping” a dozen solutions together. 

This process was clunky, and during a conversation with a colleague from another company, Ankit received a recommendation to try Respona. 

After trying Respona out for a month and comparing the results to the team’s old approach (and another outreach tool, Snov.io), InVideo came to the conclusion that Respona was the better choice – in terms of results, usability, and price.

How InVideo Uses Respona

InVideo mainly uses Respona for link building outreach.

As of writing this case study, the team has 20 people actively using Respona to get backlinks – including SEO executives, team leaders, and SEO techs on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

“It’s really easy for me to track everything. I’ve got a dashboard, I’ve got everyone’s performance – in a single place. When we were using the old approach, I would have to rely on the honesty of the individual to report the numbers. Here I can see who’s working every day, how everyone’s doing their outreach, who needs to do better…”  

Ankit’s favorite feature of Respona is the simple fact of how easy it is for him to track everyone’s performance:

“The fact that everything is available in a single place. And that it works, and doesn’t drop our velocity in terms of link building.”

The only thing Ankit and his team wish Respona could do better is the accuracy of contact finding:

“The prospecting could be improved upon in terms of giving us more relevant connects.”

Despite the size of InVideo’s team (20 people), every time an issue arose, it was quickly resolved by Respona’s support team:

“I think it’s pretty good. Every time the team would come and ask me something about the tool, I would just tell them to reach out to support, and after telling them once or twice, they never came back to me saying that something’s not working. That’s a tribute to the support team solving their problems.”

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Respona has proven to be a significant upgrade to InVideo’s previous approach to outreach:

“Certainly, I would say it exceeded expectations.”

In fact, the tool has helped the team achieve an impressive number of monthly acquired backlinks:

“In terms of number of backlinks, it’s really a question of how much we are willing to do.  If I set the target of about 400-500 backlinks/month, the team can easily achieve it, but we set a reasonable target of 300-350.” 


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