Content promotion

Link insertion

Build links using a specific keyword or anchor in relevant content.

Link insertion


The anchor text strategy is one of the easiest and, arguably, most effective link building strategies.

Note: this strategy works particularly well if you already have some linkable content published.

The process behind it is very simple: you will be looking for non-competing articles that mention your content’s target keyword (or a similar keyword) but that are centered around a different topic.

For example, we’ve recently released a guide on content distribution, and would like to find other non-competing blog posts that have briefly mentioned the topic.


  1. Paste the link to the article that you’d like to promote in the content URL field.
link insertion template

Enter your target keywords in the second field.

Type in your target niche in the third field to narrow down the results even further.

Briefly describe your article in the fourth field – what makes it unique and why you think your prospect should mention you.

In the incentive field, type out your value proposition. For example, an indirect link back in return for mentioning you.

Click “Use this template”.

search engine

Click “Continue” and add additional SEO filters if needed.

Run the automation.

search engine

Once the automation is done running, click “View Results”.



Subject: Your (target keyword) article

Hi {first_name},

You briefly talked about [target keyword1] in your article.

We just released a comprehensive guide that would make a perfect addition.

[Content description]


How does that sound?



Subject: Your blog promotion article

Hi John,

You briefly talked about content distribution in your article.

We just released a comprehensive guide that would make a perfect addition.

in our content distribution guide, we have shared our tried and tested strategies to grow our blog’s traffic to 100k sessions each month.

As a thank you, I’d love to reference your guide in the next guest article I’m writing.

How does that sound?