Content promotion

Skyscraper technique

Identify and reach out to pages linking to existing content.

Skyscraper technique


The goal of the skyscraper technique is to get contextual backlinks from articles linking to competing pages ranking for your target keyword.

For example, we have published a blog post on content distribution and would like to find websites that are currently linking to content distribution guides of our competitors.

In this article, the author has referenced Semrush’s content distribution guide, which is a competing piece to our article.


  1. In the first field, paste the URL of the article that you’d like to promote.
skyscraper technique template

In the second field, type in the keyword(s) that your prospect’s articles should be about.

In the third field, paste in the URLs of your competitors’ articles.

In the page description field, briefly describe what sets your content apart from the competition and why your prospect should link to you instead.

In the incentive field, describe what your prospect will get from collaborating with you.

Click “Use this template”.

search engine

In the campaign editor, click “Continue” and set additional SEO filters.

seo filters

Review the automation results after it’s done.



Subject: Updated guide on (Target keyword)

Hi {first_name},

You referenced an older post on [target keyword] in your article.

We just released a brand new guide on the topic that would make a better fit.

[Content description]


How does that sound?



Subject: Updated guide on content promotion

Hi John,

You referenced an older post on content promotion in your article.

We just released a brand new guide on the topic that would make a better fit.

In our content distribution guide, we have shared step-by-step strategies that helped us grow our blog’s monthly traffic to 100k sessions.

I’d love to reference your guide in my next guest article if you were kind as to give us a mention.

How does that sound?