Link building

Resource pages

Earn links from resource pages that have featured similar content/tools.

Resource pages


The goal of the resource page strategy is to get placements in websites listing top resources in your niche.

For example, we can pitch our link-building glossary to be included in websites listing link building resources such as this blog post on Neil Patel.


  1. In the first field, paste in the URL of the resource you’d like to promote.
  2. In the second field, enter the keyword(s) that your prospects’ resource pages should be about.
respona resource pages template

In the content description field, briefly describe what your resource is about and why it’s a good fit for their resource page.

In the incentive field, mention what your prospect will get by including you on their page.

Click “Use this template”.

respona campaign editor

Click “In the campaign editor, click “Continue” and set additional SEO filters.”.

setting additional seo filters

Click “Review automation results once it’s complete.”.



Subject: Your (Target keyword) resources

Hi {first_name},

I’m wondering whether you’re open to adding our new guide to your list of [Target keyword1] resources?

[Content description]


Looking forward to hearing from you,



Subject: Your link building resources

Hi John,

I’m wondering whether you’re open to adding our new guide to your list of link building resources?

We’ve curated a comprehensive list of all link-building terms with detailed descriptions and examples for each.

We’d love to reference your piece in the next guest article we’re writing if you were so kind as to mention us.

Looking forward to hearing from you,